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The guys at Cinegearpro spent more than an hour demonstrating and talking me through the Lanparte rig. It meant I had confidence it would work perfectly with our cameras - Kersh Media

Kent Video Production

Definitely a high end product which I would recommend to anybody serious about video production - Scarlet View Media

David Diley - Scarlet View Media

I praise Cinegearpro for their excellence in service and the choice of products that they choose to sell - Daniel Salter

Daniel Salter

Fantastic build quality. Feels solid and robust, levers and screws feel secure and not cheap - Jaryl Lim

Jaryl Lim

An excellent piece of equipment that every Film Maker should enjoy - Mauro Andreini

Mauro Andreini - Chroma Productions

The rig is totally modular too, in that you can have as much or as little of the rig assembled as you like.

Barney Shortman

What we are witnessing is a revolution in DSLR movie making. The Tilta III Cinema Rig could become the new benchmark for the semi professional film equipment manufacturers!Click here to read the full review

Louis Vella, Cinematographer

Our LanParte rig has been with us up and down mountains across the UK and Europe, and fits perfectly with our FS700 system, offering easy of use, incredible robustness and great levels of flexibility. It's a system we trust and can grow with - given it's a modular system - as we add more lenses, external recorders/monitors and other equipment to the rig - Geebeebee Media

Oli da Costa - Geebeebee Media

As always CineGearPro really came through for us. Last summer we were shooting and desperately needed replacement 15mm rods and they got to us in under 3 days! Gary Paul Walker - Executive Producer, Foregate Films

Gary Paul Walker - Foregate Films