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LanParte MCK-03 Ultimate Complete Rig for GH3/4 and A7s A7II A7RII

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This is a complete handheld production rig from LanParte, fully featured yet simple and elegant design.

It uses the traditional ENG method where the camera is mounted on your shoulder and you shoot using an external monitor or EVF. This is by far the best way for handheld filming as the weight is on your shoulder and results in steadier and more visually pleasing shots.

This Ultimate kit comes complete with: Cage, Shoulder Support, Front handles, Matte box, Follow Focus, Battery plate and battery!

(See package contents below)
excl.VAT (Non-EU) £1,199.00


The new LanParte MCK-03 Ultimate Kit for GH3/4 and A7s offers the best handheld rig solution yet. The cage is strong and lightweight and the camera is secured on the cold shoe at the top and the mounting screw at the bottom. The Top handle has a nice large quick release lever which slides it on and off the NATO rail for quick assembly. Numerous 1/4 and 3/8inch threads are located on the top handle and cage. The cage is mounted onto the VMS-01 Baseplate which has a quick release so the cage can quickly be removed for shooting in any tight spaces.

There is a 90º 15mm clamp on the front of the Top handle, which is designed for EVFs and Monitors, ideal for the Atomos Shogun or a 5/7inch monitor. This is a must as the camera will be positioned on your shoulder and the camera LCD screen will be hard to use this way.

The ARRI standard rosettes on each side of the baseplate are a great new feature and the UG-03 handgrips take advantage of this and provide a strong secure connection to the rig.

The VBP-01 power distributor can power all manner of accessories using its various voltage output sockets. Using the 95W V-lock battery that is included will power the camera for at least 4 hours and provide a suitable counterweight to balance the rig on your shoulder.


• Solid enclosure, offering maximum protection for the camera.
• Large quick release top handle with Cold shoe mount.
• Quick release baseplate, compatible with LanParte Baseplate Shoulder support VMS-01
• 90º 15mm rod for external montiors and EVFs
• Includes Matte Box, Follow Focus and battery plate with battery.
• ARRI standard rosette on the right side of the cage for attaching compatible handle.
• Power distributor to power accessories
• 95W V-lock battery

Package Contents:

• 1 x LanParte MCK-01 Cage for GH3/4 and A7s
• 1 x Top Handle
• 1 x 15mm Rod Raiser
• 1 x LPT UG-03 Rosette handgrips
• 1 x LPT Follow Focus V2 with A-B Hard Stops
• 1 x LPT MB-01 Matte Box
• 1 x LPT VMS-01 Baseplate Shoulder Support
• 1 x LPT VBP-01 Power Distributor
• 1 x 95W Battery FD-BP95L
• 1 x LPT SRC-01 15mm Rod Clamp
• 2 x 12inch (300mm) Rods
• 2 x Extension screws
• 1 x LanParte ASC-01 Transportation Case

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